The “We Need The Loo” Campaign

A new campaign has been launched asking the Government to make providing adequate public toilets a legal requirement across the UK.

The campaign entitled ‘We need the loo’ was brought forward at the British Toilet Association Conference on Wednesday 21st September.

The annual event was held at The Stratford Hotel, Stratford on Avon enabling providers of public toilets to network with suppliers and discuss new practices and cutting-edge developments and services in the industry.

The initiative was launched by Gillian Kemp, the BTA management committee member, and is a joint venture between the Women’s Design Group, BTA and the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.

Many people feel it is a right for the public to have access to clean toilets adequately stocked with toilet roll on holders, soap in soap dispensers, and hand dryers or paper towels.

The goal is to obtain at least 100,000 signatures so that the topic is eligible for debate at the House of Commons.

The lack or closure of public toilets across the country will impact on many people, especially the ageing population.

An example of one such area was on the South Bank in London near the London Eye, an area visited by 13.8 million people that does not have a publicly accessible toilet.

Aside from the campaign, the conference also focused on how local authorities can protect public toilets from further closures despite dwindling budgets and increased economic pressures. Case studies were used to give ideas about solutions to the growing problem.