A Focus on Training Can Improve Staff Retention

In any industry the staff is the backbone of success. Many industries are plagued by staff retention problems, the cleaning sector is not immune either.

Some statistics show that within the sector there is as high as a 70 per cent annual turnover of staff.

The more time and energy a company invests in training its staff can lead to a significant reduction in these numbers.

When the turnover is too high it can cause an unproductive and un-cohesive workforce. Businesses can combat this from the beginning at the employee’s induction. Using programmes that include meeting and talking with new colleagues, watching activities and asking questions is a great way to help an employee feel settled.

While many people may think there isn’t much to learn about cleaning – that it is simply about stocking toilet roll holders, filling soap dispensers, and carpet cleaning – that is far from the truth.

Encouraging employees to further their qualifications with NVQs or enacting a rewards program for individuals who strive to improve their skills is another way to improve staff retention and fight the myth about the profession.

Many companies focus on professional training and neglect other areas that would improve staff satisfaction. Examples of areas that would support staff and show them the company has their interests and success in mind is help with visa queries, benefits and English lessons. When staff know that support is available from their employer, it can help to promote loyalty.

A key element is for businesses to remember that training effectually is investment, and when properly utilised, will result in long-term savings including productive and loyal staff members.