Poor Cleaning Can Lead to All Types of Bugs

When employees think of a clean work environment they usually think in terms of sanitary toilets and hygienic kitchens to steer clear of microscopic bugs.

But poor cleaning habits may bring more than bacteria, attracting bugs of the insect variety.

An office worker found out the hard way when she was bitten by unidentified insect at her workplace when her employer failed to keep the office clean.

It may seem like a sting, but the employee was forced to take four weeks off work when the bite turned septic.

Her leg was swollen and she was unable to sit down or touch her leg. Walking became painfully difficult and she was forced to take four rounds of antibiotics to treat the bite. She has been left with a black scar.

The distraught employee pursued compensation and her employer ended up accepting liability and paying out £4,000.

The office is located near a wetland centre, proving that even more diligent cleaning is necessary to prevent another similar incident from occurring.

The employee said: “I had never had time off sick in seven years of working for the HMRC so I felt worried about how it would reflect on me. I couldn’t believe that something as small as an insect bite could make me so ill for so long. I had never had a bad reaction to a bite before, it was frightening.

Since the bite our offices are fumigated more often and fortunately I’ve not yet been bitten again.”

Taking special care using professional steam cleaners on carpets, keeping soap dispensers stocked with antibacterial soaps and surfaces continuously disinfected can keep various types of bugs from being attracted to offices – whether microscopic or insect.