Fun Facts About Henry The Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Hoover
Henry the little red vacuum cleaner is made by a British company called Numatic, based in Somerset. The company is 40 years old, but Henry wasn’t launched until the 1980’s. Since that time, he’s grown in popularity and gained worldwide notoriety for being an efficient and powerful cleaner that people love. Since that time, the company has grown to employ over 700 people and produces a wide range of vacuum cleaners with about 4,500 products a day leaving the factory for shipping to customers, cleaners and home owners around the world.

These are just some of the facts you might not know about Henry and his family:

  • Henry the vacuum cleaner might have been originally released in the 80s. But the prototype was originally constructed in 1968.
  • That little vacuum cleaner provides greener cleaning solutions – upto 50% less power consumption but with the same cleaning abilities.
  • Henry has brothers and sisters, including Hetty, James, George and more.
  • An extra-long (10 meter) power cords make Henry great for cleaning everywhere and you won’t need to unplug when cleaning stairs. In fact you’ll be able to clean most of your downstairs rooms without unplugging once.
  • The simple red switch on his head doubles Henry’s suction and ensures he easily tackles any mess.
  • Henry the vacuum cleaner is flexible enough to be practical with wheels, carry handles and compact features for easy storage.
  • Henry is trusted by domestic, commercial and industrial cleaners the world over.
  • Originally Henry’s cheeky face made him the butt of a few jokes and people doubted whether he was a serious vacuum cleaner, but his power and technology soon to a stop to those concerns.
  • Henry has a 9 litre vacuum bag for less regular changes and hassle.
  • Henry’s shape, colour and general design has become instantly recognisable and easily associated with the brand. So much so that Numatic recently went to court to prevent another company from selling a vacuum with the same “bowler hat” style lid and round body.
  • Henry is different from most vacuum cleaners in that it is designed to automatically give you eco-friendly, economy cleaning every time it’s turned on.
  • Henry is built to meet the most stringent quality standards so it can be sold internationally.
  • Because Henry is used for commercial and janitorial cleaning, he’s built to be strong, tough and is made to last. So it’s no surprise that you’ll hear people report that they had their Henry for 10, 15, 20 years before replacing it.
  • Henry is uncomplicated, he’s not stuffed full of extras and “bells and whistles”, which makes him more robust and less likely to break down than other overly complicated vacuum cleaners.
  • Henry is so popular, he’s even been miniaturised into a desk and keyboard cleaner.
  • Henry the vacuum cleaner is great at sucking up dirt, dust and debris. Including large chunks of mess like concrete on a building site, which is why it’s so popular with builders and tradesmen. He picks up dirt like that and keeps on sucking!
  • Since production began, over 7 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been sold worldwide.

These are just some of the reasons why Henry the vacuum cleaner is so great.