Carpet cleaning is the top choice chore for men

A new survey has revealed that the main indoor task carried out by men is carpet cleaning.

The study, which was conducted by a carpet care firm, showed that while men are focusing on carpet cleaning, women tackle cooking, vacuuming, ironing and bed making.

Men tend to focus on jobs outside the home including taking out the bins, gardening and pool cleaning.

While women spend 65 days a year cleaning, men get away with only 23 days dedicated to jobs around the home.

Mum Cathy Lamblin told her local newspaper that the study’s results rang true for her, explaining that her husband Denis prefers to work outside because males “like more manly jobs”.

“Most of the jobs inside are boring, like making beds. Denis helps with the cooking, but he is more likely to work outside,” she said.

“I was quite proactive to get the boys to do the washing and the cooking, and now they have become independent.

Although often forgotten about and seen as less essential, regular and steam carpet cleaning is essential to keeping a hygienic home.

Keeping debris and dirt under control can reduce airborne infections and allergies.

The next time your man of the house offers to help out with the cleaning, hand him the steam cleaner.