Avoid airplane illnesses by washing your hands

Your hands pick up the most germs that can lead to colds and other illnesses.

This could be from a hand shake or touching an arm rest, just touching a door handle could lead to a full-blown cold or worse in days.

Germs can survive for hours on skin as well as objects all around you. The good news it’s as simple as washing your hands with soap from a soap dispenser and drying with a hand dryer to stop the transfer of harmful germs.

Remember to wash your hands before eating an in-flight meal. After you have departed the flight wash your hands with warm water and soap from a soap dispenser.

Traveling in a plane involves being situated in a cramped environment, often for a number of hours and it is not always possible to get out of your seat and down the aisle before every snack for hand washing. Tray tables may block aisles before meals are served, and your neighbours are unlikely to want you getting up and down throughout the flight.

Where hand washing with soap from a soap dispenser is not possible then alcohol-based products made for hand washing can be used instead, for example hand sanitizer gel.