WaveBrake Mopping Trolley

Ref: 7777-00-BLU
ex VAT £190.37 inc VAT £228.44

This WaveBrake Mopping Trolley combines all the WaveBrake accessories to optimise your cleaning effectiveness and can be used with either the down press WaveBrake mop bucket or the side press WakeBrake bucket. The unique feature of the WaveBrake mop buckets is the revolutionary shape with moulded-in WaveBrake inhibits wave formation, which greatly reduces splashing under typical usage for a safer environment.

The ergonomic handle on the WaveBrake mopping trolley is for easy manoeuvrability, and also has the capacity to carry two safety signs on either end. This WaveBrake mopping trolley also comes complete with a removable maid caddy to store and easily carry cleaning supplies in, and an accessory bucket at the base of the trolley for use in trash collection or extra storage of cleaning supplies or clean water.

Please note this WaveBrake Mopping Trolley does not come complete with a WaveBrake Mop Bucket.