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Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Bucket and Wringer

Ref: VI12967group
Green Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Bucket and Wringer
ex VAT £28.99 inc VAT £34.79
Yellow Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Bucket and Wringer
ex VAT £28.99 inc VAT £34.79
Blue Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Bucket and Wringer
ex VAT £28.99 inc VAT £34.79
Red Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Bucket and Wringer
ex VAT £28.99 inc VAT £34.79

The Vileda UltraSpeed Mini has been specifically created to fulfil the requirements of all small area cleaning (10-30m2), UltraSpeed Mini combines the ergonomic, performance and hygiene benefits of the existing UltraSpeed range in a small, compact system.

Do you want more from your cleaning system?

Traditional small area cleaning systems such as socket mops and floor cloths are limited in their usage areas. UltraSpeed Mini's 34cm flat mop frame allows you to perform many more cleaning tasks including:

  • Walls
  • Tiling in kitchens and toilet areas
  • Skirting
  • Staircases
  • Safety floors (with SafeMop pad)
  • Behind pipes and toilets

Do You want to clean twice as fast?

The combination of an innovative wringer, mop frame and pads result in UltraSpeed Mini being twice as fast at:

  • Cleaning small areas (20m2)
  • Removing stubborn dirt
  • Drying floors

Do you want to clean in more areas?

UltraSpeed Mini is the first to combine a compact 10 litre bucket with a flat mop system making it ideal for small area cleaning in numerous sites including:

  • Offices
  • Cafes/ Coffee shops
  • Small shops
  • Restaurants
  • Reception areas
  • Hotel bedrooms/ bathrooms
  • Canteens
  • Kitchens
  • Toilet areas

Ultraspeed mini starter kit contains:

1 x UltraSpeed Mini Bucket and Wringer.

Q. Are the MicroFibre mop heads in this kit washable and reusable?

A. Yes, they are- however, as with all microfibre cloths, do not use any sort of fabric conditioner when washing them as this will damage the fibres of the cloth and render it ineffectual.