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Vileda SpillEx Absorbing Pad x 20

Ref: 103-0045
ex VAT £29.95 inc VAT £35.94

SpillEx is a super absorbing floor cloth for rapid removal of a variety of different liquids.

It lets you remove spillages without a single leak or drip and without coming into contact with the liquid.

The liquid once absorbed is transformed into a gel by a secure bonding of the liquid.

This means that there is no dripping and all liquid is retained by the pad.

SpillEx is perfect for a variety of different environments.

From blood in operation theatres, accidents in elderly homes and schools to spills in science labs or canteens. 

If the spillage is larger than the pad simply move it around the area so that all the liquid is absorbed.

The amount of liquid SpillEx can absorb depends on the type of liquid. Normally 1 pad can absorb approx 1200ml of water and 500ml of urine.

Directions for use:

Put SpillEx onto the spillage with the unprinted side down.
Wait. Time is dependent upon they type of liquid (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes).
Remove SpillEx from the floor by grabbing the top side (always wear gloves). It can then be disposed as normal waste.

Size: 510mm x 370mm.

Comes as a pack of 20.