Toilet Descaler 1 Litre

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Lifeguard Toilet Descaler uses special Neutrafresh technology to destroy unpleasant odours both at the source of the smell and in the surrounding air.
Lifeguard Toilet Descaler is a tough, thickened acid toilet descaler for the removal of heavy limescale, rust marks, dirt and staining from WC's and urinals. Lifeguard Toilet Descaler is not suitable for use on chrome and stainless steel toilets.

When using Lifeguard Toilet Descaler in a toilet bowl, flush the toilet and then force the water around the s-bend with a toilet brush. Direct the Lifeguard Toilet Descaler under the rim and around the bowl. Leave for approximately 5 minutes to allow the acid formula to work effectively. Brush any stubborn stains that may remain before re-flushing.
When using Lifeguard Toilet Descaler in urinals apply Lifeguard Toilet Descaler evenly across the surface of the urinal. Leave to stand for five minutes to attain maximum efficacy and then brush off.