Teal Hygienius Pro-Wash Hot Hand Wash Station

Ref: HGP230
ex VAT £874.80 inc VAT £1,049.76

The Teal Hygienius Pro-Wash is an easy to install, stand-alone, hot water hand wash station. It requires no plumbing, and electrical connection is simply a case of plugging in the standard 13 amp moulded plug.

This system matches the NHS National Patient Safety Agencies recommendation for correct hand-washing with soap and water technique.

A unique twin bag system provides a clean water reservoir and waste water reservoir all in one easy to change system.

All Hygienius models are designed to eliminate the risk of water born infections such as Legionella as they have instantaneous water heating and a unique purge system. A simple disinfection routine, using a 500ppm chlorate solution every other day, has been developed in conjunction with the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory at City Hospital, Birmingham. this routine ensures that the system is completely free of any possible build up of micro-organisms. This Station is for medical enviroments for all other enviroment please use station HG230.

This self-contained unit operates on standard 230 volts, up to 45 washes are possible before the reservoir needs to be changed.

Hygienius Station is grey and has a compartment on the side for hand towels.