Teal Handeman in Vehicle Handwash Station

Ref: HMLP12
ex VAT £312.00 inc VAT £374.40

The Handeman HMP12 is the smallest in vehicle hand washing station on the market. It is completely self-contained, this version of the unit is a special low powered model which is powered using a standard 12 volt vehicle cigarette lighter socket.

The unit has a unique finger tip controlled tap, this is very hygienic and has been designed not to collect dirt or grease.

Hands are washed under hot running water, with dirty water flowing into the 'Waste-Safe' catchment tray.

The Handeman is constructed using moulded, high impact polyethylene which is fully insulated with expanded polystyrene.

Automatic electronic control means the unit does not drain the battery when it is not being used.