Soft Care Anti Bac Soap H4

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This H4 Soft Care Anti Bac Soap is a mild handwashing soap with bacteriostatic properties. This product does not contain perfume, making it suitable for application in food processing areas.

The H4 Soft Care Anti Bac soap is a mild handwash product based on a soap blend, antimicrobial agent, humectants and thickener polymer. Soaps are mild to the skin, thus avoiding excessive degreasing, cracking and dryness. This product has been formulated with Triclosan, an anti-microbial agent, effective against a broad range of bacteria, normally resident or transient on the skin. It has been demonstrated that this ingredient has residual action; it remains active against bacteria, even after rinsing and drying of the hands. The H4 Soft Care Soap is perfume free, thus eliminating the risk of tainting foods and making it suitable for use in the food processing area.

H 4 Benefits
• Contains Triclosan, an effective anti-bacterial agent
• Mild on skin
• Perfume free (suitable for use in food processing areas)

Use instructions
Apply one dosage of product on hands, wet slightly and rub to form a rich lather. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

The H4 Soft Care Anti Bac Soap is opaque green in appearance and has a pH of 9.1 neat.

Each case contains 6 x 800ml refills.


Q. Is this hand soap green in colour?

A. I can confirm the soap within the box is green in colour.