Sanitising Rinse 5 Litre

Ref: SPD949
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Sanitising Rinse is ideal for all areas which need to be kept germ-free.

Suitable for use as a food area disinfectant.

Contains a broad spectrum bactericide.

Does not require rinsing.

For use as a general disinfectant dilute at ratios of up to 1:25, wipe over as required and then leave. 

Recommended as a final sanitising rinse for food preparation areas.

Also recommended for use as an algaecide in cooling systems and also for use as a fungicide.

The appearance of the product is a pink liquid with with a slight almond odour.

Ensures food preparation areas are germ free.

An effective broad-spectrum bactericide & fungicide designed to kill:

  • Bacteria.
  • Mould.
  • Mildew. 

Specially developed as a sterilising liquid for general use on areas where complete hygiene is imperative.

Can also be used as an algaecide in cooling systems.


Q. I'm looking for a descaler to use in the bathroom. I want to clean the shower-head and shower screen in particular.
A. Sanitising rinse SPD949 will get rid of all mould and mildew, it is safe for use on plastics and glass.