Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

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The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner's exclusive vibrating brush technology agitates the carpet fibre's to loosen deep down dirt. Unlike other roller brush models the carpet fibre's get cleaned on both sides and effective cleaning takes place in a single pass. This will help to prevent wick-back!

The Rug Doctor has a sleek design 9.84 litre (2.6 gallon) unit which maximizes economy and portability.



Although the use of a recognised Defoamer product is mentioned in all the service manuals issued with new machines the End User will hardly ever read this part and therefore will not use the product.

The emphasis placed on a recognised Defoamer product cannot be stressed enough.

Use of Defoamer in the recovery tank of a machine will, in most cases prevent excess water damage to vacuum motors due to dirty water ingestion. This is caused by the fact that foam is lighter than water and will not close the vacuum shut off ball cage assembly. This, in turn will lead to the foam being ingested into the vacuum motors.

In addition to this, it is also important to your keep clean water reservoir separate from waste water and to this end we also recommend the use of different coloured buckets such as the red and white Prochem CN3503 buckets shown at the bottom of the page, the red being used solely for waste water and the white just for clean.

Any vacuum motor returned for repair or warranty claim that shows any sign of dirty water ingestion will not be replaced since the Terms & Conditions of Warranty have not been adhered to.


Two needle jets apply a controlled amount of premixed water and detergent solution deep into the carpet pile. The unique bi-directional agitating brush scrubs the carpet fibres 3,200 times a minute. This ensures every fibre is thoroughly cleaned. A powerful vacuum recovers up to 80% of the used cleaning solution. This means that the carpet is virtually dry after cleaning.

The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning machine has proven cleaning technology for nearly 30 years. Its hot water extraction process has been legendary for ease of use, friendly design and reliable results. This system includes easy operating equipment, high efficiency cleaning products and a unique soft bristle vibrating brush that gently lifts dirt out of the carpet fibre's. Over 6 million users a year choose the Rug Doctor system to get outstanding performance with minimal time and effort.
BRUSH WIDTH23.5CMS (9.25')
WATER LIFT257CM (10.1')


Q: Do you sell Rug Doctor cleaning chemicals?

A: Yes, we do sell them but in case quantities. Please call the sales office for more information 01562 512870.

Q: Can Rug Doctor be used with dry chemicals to clean carpets, i am aiming to clean without water.
A: Unfortunately this machine does require cleaning solutions to clean the carpets via water.

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