PVA Trigger Spray Bottle Only 750ml - Bathroom Cleaner - PVA C1

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1 x PVA Bottle- Trigger Spray 750ml - Bathroom Cleaner

Robust and highly reusable 750ml Trigger Spray Bottle designed to be used with Eco Friendly PVA Bathroom Cleaner Sachets.

  • Reduces plastic pollution through reusability. 
  • Reduces carbon foot print associated with transporting liquid chemicals.
  • Reduces storage space.
  • Colour coded and pre labelled chemical description.
  • Trigger Spray nozzle for convenient cleaning.
  • Use Trigger bottle to mix PVA Bathroom Cleaner Sachet with 750ml of water to create chemical that can be used instantly to clean.

Mix 1 x Bathroom Cleaner PVA Sachet with 750ml of water.

This unique formulation is contained within a PVOH or paper film that dissolves at the point of use. The sachets are dry, compact and light, they reduce storage space and transportation costs, and heavily reduce the environmental implications often associated with delivering cleaning supplies. The sachets are packed in planet friendly packaging, that can either be composted or recycled, helping you to eliminate single-use plastic from your current cleaning procedure. 



  • For general cleaning of sinks, baths and shower screens, remove any gross debris from the surface, place one sachet into the empty trigger spray bottle and fill with water to the 750ml mark.
  • Replace the trigger head and shake until the sachet has dissolved (note warm water will aid the rate of dissolution but is not essential).
  • Spray the solution onto the surface and wipe clean and buff to a shine.
  • As Bathroom Cleaner dissolves scale it is slowly neutralised, so for stubborn hard water scales commonly found on taps in hard water areas, it may be necessary to apply several applications of detergent while using a small brush to aid breakup of the scale.
  • Pouring approximately 200ml of Bathroom Cleaner into sinks and shower drains at the end of the day and allowing to soak overnight will help reduce the build up of hard water scale and body oils, thus reducing the opportunity for offensive smells to be created.