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Outdoor Wall Ashtray

Ref: CO700-
ex VAT £42.07 inc VAT £50.48

A heavy duty outdoor lockable wall-mounted ashtray for the disposal of hot cigarettes. Made from weather-resistant stainless steel with a 3 litre capacity.

This year it becomes an offence by law to smoke in all public indoor spaces, including pubs, bars, restaurants and all indoor workspaces.

The law comes into force on 2nd April in Wales, 30th April in Northern Ireland, and 1st July in England.

Members of the public breaching this ban will face an on the spot fine of £50.

Owners of premises failing to display no-smoking signs will face a fine of up to £1000.

This wall-mounted outdoor ashtray is the ideal solution. It can be placed in a designated outdoor smoking area or at all public entrances so that smokers do not drop their cigarette butts on the floor as they enter the building.

General Information:

  • 3 litre capacity.
  • Lockable Dimensions.
  • H:30cm.
  • W:26.5cm.
  • D:9cm.
  • Weight: 3 kilos.

Q. How is the CO700 Outdoor Wall Ashtray fixed to the wall? A. The CO700 Wall Ashtray is fixed to the wall using two screws. Q. What is the Ashtray made from? A. The CO700 Outdoor Wall ashtray is made from stainless steel. Q. Is the unit lockable? A. Yes, the ashtray is lockable.