Numatic Vacuum Cleaner NVDQ 570-2

Ref: NVDQ 570-2
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**Leasing options available against this equipment, please contact the Sales office for further information on 01299 252440**

The Numatic Vacuum Cleaner NVDQ 570-2 all-Structofoam commercial models represent another first in the Numatic range, setting a standard that is unmatched worldwide.

Structofoam is a material formulation embodying all the strength needed for the bigger machines, without weight penalty, whilst at the same time bringing a substantial bonus in low level noise performance - and let's not forget that Structofoam components simply do not scratch, dent or crack.

The Twinflo vacuum system has a performance specification that really is second to none, with efficiency ratings matching the highest in the World. Another big feature of this particular machine is its duplex motor design, with full overheat protection.

Twin motors provide twice the airflow of the NVQ570 giving really outstanding performance. Everything is upgraded for the bigger user - bigger filters, longer power cables and hoses and bigger nozzles - just as it should be for the larger areas that must be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

All Structofoam construction, Bigger toolkit, Low noise power head, Twin motor design, Full four-wheel mobility, Permatex primary filter

Motor 2xTwinflo
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Motor Power 960 X 2 W
Airflow 96 L/sec
Suction 2300 mm H2O
Capacity 23 L
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Weight 16 kg
Size 415x415x645

Q: Can you supply spare parts for these machines such as a replacement vacuum head?
A: Yes we can supply spare parts, please contact the sales office on 01562 512870 for further information.