Numatic Twin Mop Trolley

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Numatic Twin Mop Trolley


The Numatic Twin Mop Trolley is a world first, with its dual bucket mopping system, large clean water bucket and dirty water pail, it is a very efficent and higenic way to clean hard floors.




Ideal for use in...


This moping system is brilliant for cleaning large areas where a scrubber dryer would struggle because of obstacles or obstructions. The Twin Mop is often purchased by Schools, Universities, Hospitals, facilities management, contract cleaners and leisure centres.






The Numatic Twin Mop Trolley has many features, the main one being Numatics patented AWS (Automatic Water Separation) system. This System means that the clean water is never contaminated with the dirty water. With a conventional moping system you will find that the clean water will slowly get contaminated with the dirt picked up of the floor be the mop, which does not happen with the twin mop trolley system.


This also allows the operator to quickly and easily dispose of the dirty water and because of the generous 28 litre clean water bucket means you will not have to re-fill the clean water quite so often.


AWS really does make mopping quicker and better.


The Twin Mop system also offers you with the All-Mops Press, allowing use with the full range of Kentucky and Flat mopping systems.


A small tray is also provided to cater for all those essential cloths, sprays and other cleaning supplies to be carried as standard.