Numatic NuTab Low Foaming Tablets for Scrubber Dryers

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 Numatic NuTab Low Foaming Tablets.

We recommend when purchasing a scrubber dryer of any kind, you have the Numatic NuTabs to go with them.

These are detergent tablets that are low foaming and you drop in to the clean water tank, where they then mix with the clean water to create an effective cleaning solution, that is low foaming, and that deposits onto the hard floor. Then with the scrubbing action of the scrubber dryer machine creates an effectively cleaned floor.

The NuTabs are easy to transport, store and they are also easily measurable unlike the ‘glug glug’ of conventional cleaning solutions. 

  • Low Foaming.
  • Effective Cleaning Solution.
  • Easy To Transport.
  • Easy To Store.
  • Easily Measurable.