Nilco SE 1227 Carpet Cleaner

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The Nilco SE 1227 Carpet Cleaning Machine is a different kettle of fish when it comes to carpet cleaning machines. A rotating power brush is employed to lift the pile and remove deep down dirt from right inside the carpet. The Nilco SE 1227 Carpet Shampooer is easier to operate, uses less water and does a better job. It is also capable of scrubbing hard floors. Tank holds 8 litres of clean and 5 litres of dirty water. 30cm cleaning path, 800 watt motor and 60psi pump.
Professional carpet cleaning machine.
Universal uses - shampooing carpets, scrubbing floors and upholstery cleaning.
Removes deep down dirt and lifts pile with rotating power brush.
Very easy to use and saves time = money saving!
Easy storage with folding handle, will fit into the boot of a car.Tanks hold 8 litres clean and 5 litres of dirty water.
30 cm cleaning path.
Instructions for use are printed on the side of the machine, for those who forget to read the manual.
The Nilco SE1227 has attachments to clean hard floors, difficult floors and upholstery too. Therefore you can use one machine to improve the cleaning efficiency in multiple areas of your establishment.



Although the use of a recognised Defoamer product is mentioned in all the service manuals issued with new machines the End User will hardly ever read this part and therefore will not use the product.

The emphasis placed on a recognised Defoamer product cannot be stressed enough.

Use of Defoamer in the recovery tank of a machine will, in most cases prevent excess water damage to vacuum motors due to dirty water ingestion. This is caused by the fact that foam is lighter than water and will not close the vacuum shut off ball cage assembly. This, in turn will lead to the foam being ingested into the vacuum motors.

In addition to this, it is also important to your keep clean water reservoir separate from waste water and to this end we also recommend the use of different coloured buckets such as the red and white Prochem CN3503 buckets shown at the bottom of the page, the red being used solely for waste water and the white just for clean.

Any vacuum motor returned for repair or warranty claim that shows any sign of dirty water ingestion will not be replaced since the Terms & Conditions of Warranty have not been adhered to.



Q: Does this machine clean in forwards and backwards motion or does it clean in one direction only?
A: To clean your carpets with this machine you need to pull the machine forwards towards yourself and when pushing forward tilt it slightly on its back wheels and push forward into place, then pull back again and so on. This machine also sucks the cleaning chemicals back into the machine so it does leave the carpets slightly damp but does depend on the carpet pile ready.