Nappy Disposal Bins

Nappy Disposal Bins

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Robust strong nappy bins with interlocking lid to ensure the contents remain contained in the nappy bin. These yellow nappy bins are smooth plastic and are therefore very easy to clean. The high capacity discretion chute deals efficiently with bulky waste.
Our service is regular and reliable. A large and thick gauge yellow sack is placed in the bin after each empty and a scented bioside powder deposited in the bag which in turn is securly places with in the nappy bin. This allows for clean efficient and easy emptying. All areas with baby changing facilities need a bin to dispose of the nappy waste and 'there NEEDS to be provision for disposal of the waste by a legitimate waste carrier'. We provide such bins to day nurserys, shopping centres, halls, community centres, doctors surgeries, hospitals, supermarkets... In fact, any area where people need to change childrens soiled nappys.


Q. What are the dimensions of the Nappy Bin?

A. The dimensions of the Nappy Bin is 71cm x 41cm x 41cm