Microfibre Flat Mopping Bucket

Ref: COMM22B
ex VAT £44.20 inc VAT £53.04

Mobile flat mop solution applicator bucket. 20 litre with 75mm (3') castors. Unique water wheel roller operation applies the correct level of mopping solution to any size flat mop, conventional or microfibre, leaving the mop with the correct level of dampness ready to dress the floor, without the need of a mechanical wringer. L: 56CM (22') W: 30CM (12') H: 39CM (15') Also available in red, blue, green or yellow. This choice of colours allows the operative to keep specific colours for particular areas, thus avoiding cross contamination. We recommend red for sanitary appliances and washroom floors, blue for general lower risk areas (excluding food areas), green for general food and bar use, and yellow for washbasins and other washroom surfaces.