Microfibre Colour Coded Mini Mop

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Microfibre colour coded mini mop 250grm socket mop.

The Colour Coded Microfibre Mini Mop is highly effective at cleaning away dirt and moisture without the need for chemicals.

The colour-coded mop offers excellent absorption and is ideal for cleaning up small spills and mopping up restricted floor spaces. The looped mop head offers very efficient and hygienic cleaning.

It also features a colour coded cut off tab system in colours:

  • Green.
  • Yellow.
  • Red.
  • Blue.

Which enables the user to easily identify which areas the mop is to be used on; therefore reducing the hazards of cross-contamination from one area to another.

We recommend:

  • Red for sanitary appliances and washroom floors.
  • Blue for general lower risk areas (excluding food areas).
  • Green for general food and bar use.
  • Yellow for washbasins and other washroom surfaces.