Litter Picker (CO4470) x 5

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Mechanical Litter Picker/ Gripper is made from aluminium and is a safe and easy way to pick up litter, cans, bottles and rubbish.

Mechanical litter picker and long-handled grabber- 5 per case.

  • Made from lightweight aluminium and strong plastic.
  • One-handed operation makes usage simple and safe for any user.
  • Length: 28'(70cm).

The long-handled litter picker (CO4470) is made from aluminium and heavy duty plastic. It works using a simple one hand operation. This makes it the safe way to pick up litter and rubbish, etc and as such it is ideal for collecting rubbish in car parks, gardens and from trees and other hard to reach places.
Featuring easy one hand operation with extra sure grip. Ideal for picking up and collecting everyday rubbish including litter, cans, bottles, waste paper, cartons and food wrappers and packets. Essential for safely removing hazardous waste such as needles, sharps and broken or chipped glass. Mechanical grippers with aluminium shaft, impact resistant plastic grip head and handle.