Liberty Kentucky Style Cotton Mop Blue

Ref: CO116L
ex VAT £123.25 inc VAT £147.90

The completely disposable one size mop and holder.

Finest quality multi-fold 450grm (16oz) cotton yarn, entwined with colour coded thread, stay flat cut-end finish bonded onto a colour coded plastic mop holder, with a universal handle adaptor.

Featuring an abrasive pad to help remove stubborn dirt, stains and rubber marks when mopping.

When the mop needs replacing just unscrew it and responsibly dispose of it and then fit a new mop head onto the handle.

The Liberty Kentucky Style Cotton Mop is also available in:

  • Red.
  • Yellow.
  • Blue.
  • Green.

This choice of colours allows the operative to use specific colours for particular areas, thus avoiding the problems of cross contamination.

We recommend:

  • Red for sanitary appliances and washroom floors.
  • Blue for general lower risk areas (not including food areas).
  • Green for general food and bar use.
  • Yellow for washbasins and other washroom surfaces.