Kitchen Cleaner Bactericidal 1 Litre V500

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Kitchen Cleaner Bactericidal 1 Litre V500

Bactericidal kitchen cleaner designed to achieve high level cleaning results, kitchen cleaner that is concentrated 1 litre cleaner. Fragrant free bactericidal kitchen cleaner for use in strict hygiene controlled areas in both the catering and healthcare industry.

Achieves EN1276 for fantastic cleaning results which help destroy common food and general healthcare pathogens. Not only is it safe for use on all water washable surfaces. For effective EN1276 cleaning results mix one dose into a trigger bottle and apply solution to surfaces and then allowing a 5 minute contact time to eradicate all bacteria.

Method of use:

  • When using a spray & wipe method, wipe after 30 seconds of contact time with a dilution ratio of 1:20. For killing Norovirus, use 4 dose shots into a trigger spray bottle and then allow 5 minutes of contact time.

100 doses per 1 litre bottle.

Tested to EN 1276, 13704, 14476, 1650 and 14675.

SELDEN_V500_V500 (538.10 kB)