How To Clean Seamless Resin


1) Screed or selflevelling floors only sealed if very badly deteriorated

2) Decorative floors will require coat of solvent based seal. Clean and lightly abraid before application



1) Screed and selflevelling floors do not normally require a polish

2) Decorative floors can be protected with water based emulsion polish

3) Scrub with neutral or alkaline detergent, rinse, neutralize and dry



1) For screed and selflevelling floors use systems 2, 3 and 7

2) For decorative floors use systems 2, 3 and 7. Use of systems involving polish will be determined by prevailing conditions and requirements

3) To renovate unsealed floors scrub with alkaline detergent



1) Detergents leaving a film should not be used

2) Epoxy resin softened by boiling water or steam

3) Epoxy resins attacked by organic acids, e.g. acetic and citric, and chlorinated solvents

4) Abrasive pads may damage decorative floors