How To Clean Linoleum


1) Only sealed if badly deteriorated

2) Use a water-based acrylic seal

3) A two-pot polyurethane, epoxy resin or urea formaldehyde seal can be used, but it is difficult to remove

4) Surface dressing of new floor must be removed to prevent scrawling

5) Scrub with neutral or mildly alkaline detergent, rinse and dry



1) Used if there is a particular requirement to protect floor

2) Use water-based polish if required

3) Surface dressing must be removed from new floor

4) Solvent-based polishes will keep lino supple

5) Scrub with neutral or a mildly alkaline detergent, rinse, neutralize and dry



1) Use systems 2 and 3

2) Systems involving use of polishes determined by prevailing conditions and requirements

3) Floor may be renovated by deep scrubbing with neutral or mildly alkaline detergent

4) Water-based seal removed by scrubbing with alkaline stripper

5) Solvent-based seals are better repaired or recoated



 1) Regular use of alkalis will cause colour changes in pigments