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How To Clean Hardwood, Softwood, Granwood & Cork


1) Hardwoods, granwoods and cork are normally sealed by oleoresinous or two-pot epoxy resin, urea formaldehyde or polyurethane

2) A solvent-based wax will also form an effective seal

3) New floors should be sanded with a medium and then fine paper, vacuumed, damp mopped and dried

4) Old floors will require sanding with grade necessary to remove all soil and wax

5) Cork requires great care when sanding

6) Apply thinned steel before sealing to penetrate between blocks to prevent rafting

7) Soft wood floors are not normally sealed



1) If unsealed, except soft woods, a solvent based wax should be used

2) On sealed floors solvent or water-based polish may be used

3) If a highly slip resistant finish is required or there is no particular reason for the use of a polish, a sealed floor does not require a polish

4) Floors sealed by wax prepared as for sealing

5) Sealed floors prepared by mopping or scrubbing with neutral, alkaline or solvent based detergent, rinsing, neutralizing and drying as appropriate



1) Use systems 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 depending on situation and particular requirements

2) Floors reconditioned after removal of polishes if appropriate by sanding

3) Softwood floors not sealed may be recondition by light scrubbing using neutral detergent and a minimum of water

4) End grain paving reconditioned by scarifying



1) A minimum of water should be used in all maintenance of wood floors

2) Systems of cleaning and maintenance selected for a particular situation must not encourage the build-up of polishes or result in regular special applications of further coats of polish