Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue Matting

Ref: HH-23-BK
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Anti fatigue mats such as this are used in situations where a person is primarily standing in the same location for long periods of time. These mats are designed to alleviate stress to the back and legs by providing a cushioned surface for standing on and as a consequence reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

Ideal locations for an anti fatigue mat include workstations, production lines, cashier desks, kitchen and bar areas.

What constitutes a high quality anti fatigue mat?

  1. Solid nitrile rubber encapsulation to minimise wear and tear, protect the rubber cushion core and provide a safe standing surface.
  2. Bevelled edges on all sides for added safety.
  3. Thick rubber cushion core with excellent anti fatigue properties and resists crushing over time.

Hog Heaven mats have a solid 100% nitrile rubber surface and closed cell nitrile/PVC cushion for exceptional anti-fatigue and anti-slip performance. Hog Heaven mats have bevelled edges on all sides for minimising trip hazards.

61cm x 84cm