Hand Dryer Superb

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Hand Dryer Superb
The Hand Dryer Superb is a hand drying unit that features a highly efficient electric motor which is extremely economical to run. The Hand Dryer Superb features an automatic hands free switch on/ switch off function which further increases the frugality of the Hand Dryer Superb as the unit cannot accidentally be left turned on by mistake. These features help to address matters of both the environment and economy helping to make the Hand Dryer Superb really live up to it's name, this hand drying unit truely is superb.
In addition to it's more functional features the Hand Dryer Superb is also a good looking machine. It's smooth lines and extremely modern design will help to enhance the look and feel of any washroom whatever the size of the room and whatever business it is used by.Features and specifications:

  • 220/240v 50hz
  • Drying time of approximately 20 seconds
  • 325 x 220 x 175mm