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FogMister 110V CO773

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Designed for effective sanitising, odour control, pest control or humidity creation either indoors or outdoors for use with both water and oil based solutions. Ideal for use in hospitals, offices, factories, abattoirs, refuse and sewage sites, farms, greenhouses, processing plants even trucks and vehicles.

High setting 80 mass microns, larger droplets are dispersed by airflow, which can settle on surfaces. Ideal for applying disinfectants, deodorizers, sanitizers and chemicals for coating insides of heating ducts / air conditioning.

Low setting under 20 mass microns provides microscopic droplets, which remain suspended in air for extended periods – ideal for insecticides / control of airborne insets.

Quick easy fill access to tank – through 9cm (3.5”) opening.

Supplied with 2m cable and plug (230v version). CE approved. For effective sanitising, disinfecting, odour control, pest control or humidity creation, the FogMister cold mist fogger provides a mobile, versatile applicator for indoor or outdoor use with both water or oil based materials.

The seamless one piece construction heavy duty FogMister is manufactured from safe, rustproof and rugged copolymer resin. The 6 litre tank is easily filled via the wide aperture opening. Convenient built-in carry handle. Single stage fan motor to produce microscopic droplets, the FogMister has variable out put of 0 – 270ml per min. CE approved.

Applications: Disinfectants, pest control, flying insects, odour control, sanitizers, humidity control.

Locations: Hospitals, offices, factories, abattoirs, refuse and sewage sites, farms, greenhouses, hotels, trucks and vehicles,

processing plants and homes.

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