Fly Killer - High Voltage Grid

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The Fly Killer, High Voltage Grid F45CSW

The Fly Killer F45CSW High voltage grid is a 22 watt electric fly killing device. It can be wall mounted, suspended from a ceiling, joist or shelf or simply left free standing in any safe and convenient location as is required. The unit contains a shatter resistant tube for added safety and to help extend tube life. The dimensions of the High Voltage Grid Fly Killer are width 310mm x height 340mm x depth 115mm. The unit weighs 4.5 kg. This compact range of electronic fly killers has been designed, developed and produced in the UK by one of Europe's leading fly killer manufacturers.
This easy to service range of offers exceptional value for money – with out having to resort to plastic in the main construction.
Where plastic fly killers are exposed to ultra violet light, they can go brittle which drastically reduces the life span of the machine.