Fly Killer - Fly Shield Two

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The Fly Killer, Fly Shield Two FG2CSS.

The Fly Killer, Fly Shield Two FG2CSS is a highly effective flying insect killer. Insect a Clear are one of Europe's largest insect control specialists, manufacturing both electronic grid and glue board fly killers. Historically, electric grids may have been used through out the food industry to control flying insect infestation. However, there are occasions where the latest glue board technology, as used in the fly shield range, is clearly more suitable. Advantages of this entrapment system include no annoying 'zap', attraction and containment of all sizes of flying insects and debris from exploding flies is totally eliminated.

  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Discreet glue tray which is easy to replace without the use of any tools
  • UV light and a blue glue board give added attraction
  • Suitable for wall mounting or suspending
  • Stainless steel construction with non of the problems associated with plastic fly killers
  • This product will give protection to an approximate area of 90m² up to 360m²