Esfina ESR100 Autocut Hand Towel Dispenser

Ref: ESR100
ex VAT £56.00 inc VAT £67.20

A new automatic ‘no-touch’ hand towel dispenser presents one towel at a time to reduce waste paper. The user will only touch the single sheet of paper, not the dispenser meaning there is a reduced risk of cross contamination.

No folded hand towels are used to maximise usage per towel. This dispenser can hold up to 200 metres of paper.

Two different rolls are available for this dispenser;

  • RTB001 - 1 Ply blue roll, 200 metres long ideal for high usage washrooms where a lot of towels are used.
  • RTW005 – 2 Ply white roll, 110 metres long ideal for washrooms where quality is key.