ESD Kumfi Pebble Mat

Ref: EP2436
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ESD Kumfi Pebble is formulated to dissipate static electricity. Simple worker tasks - working, walking or even sitting on certain types of stools - creates static electric.Left unchecked, static can discharge into static sensitive equipment, potentially causing damage. Conductive/Anti-static matting drains static from workers, preventing unpleasant static shocks and safeguarding equipment.

Anti-fatigue vinyl sponge matting designed to provide anti-static protection in light duty applications. Ideal for assembly lines, computer rooms, hospitals and photocopy areas. Meets IEC61340-4-1 (category DIF) measured resistance Rg 106-1090,Rp 106-1090.

Electrostatic charge (walking test) meets IS06356 and EN1815.

Overall height 9.4mm.

Anti fatigue mats are widely used in commercial and industrial premises to provide worker comfort. Anti fatigue mats provide a cushioning effect under foot and provide a warmer, softer surface to stand on.

Studies carried out at the Centre for Ergonomics, University of Michigan and the Department of Industrial Engineering, Kansas State University, observed the differences between standing on hard floors compared with standing on soft floors such as anti fatigue mats.

The studies both concluded that the use of anti fatigue mats have a significant affect on fatigue and comfort in different body regions.

Several health problems can result from standing on a hard surface for an extended period. Firstly, standing on a hard surface causes muscles to constrict, which reduces the blood flow. This can cause pain in muscles and joints and cause blood to stagnate. In addition, long-term standing can lead to pronation, or excessive flattening of the foot. While this can be simply tiring and a bit painful, it can also lead to serious foot conditions. Lower back pain is highest in workers who stand for 4 hours or more per day. Standing on an anti fatigue mat may help to prevent and ease these conditions.

Anti fatigue mats have a cushioning effect that allows continuous micro-movements of the feet, which minimises blood pooling in the legs. Anti-fatigue mats may also help to improve comfort by providing a warmer surface to stand on so offering relief from cold or damp floor conditions.

There is good reason to believe that the reduction of fatigue that is provided by the use of an anti fatigue mat also reduces the possibility of accidents and improves general work efficiency.

Anti-fatigue mats can benefit employees anywhere where they may be standing for long periods of time.