Deb Touch Free Soap Dispenser 1 Litre Cartridge

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White Proline Touch Free Deb Dispenser.

This Deb Proline Touch Free Dispenser is a technologically advanced next generation touch free dispenser with superior sensing capability, dispensing reliability and long term high performance.

The Deb Proline Touch-free Dispenser can dispense soaps and hand sanitisers hygienically without touch and no risk of cross contamination. It is perfect for use in all types of environments, where hygiene is important and the risk of cross-contamination is a concern. It is also perfect for use by people with disabilities or special physical needs.

The Deb Proline Touch-free Automatic Wall Mounted Dispenser is easy to install and use. All wall fittings are provided with the Dispenser and a simple illustrated instruction manual includes a drill template. This dispenser also requires 6 x d-cell batteries which are included upon purchase of this dispenser. The dispenser features a light indicator that illuminates, when the cartridge needs replacing. The same illuminator also warns, if the device malfunctions.

The Deb Proline Dispenser is highly efficient and does not misfire or splatter to cause mess. The electronic components are encapsulated in a sealed unit for durability and protection from environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature. The total weight of the dispenser with 6 batteries and 1 litre cartridge is 3.4 kg (7.1 lb).