Combin 60 Litre Recycling Bins Pack of Five

ex VAT £49.99 inc VAT £59.99

The new Combin recycling bin is designed to be both economical and durable.

The lid is made from corrugated plastic making it resistant to liquids and prolonging the life of the bin.

The base is made from corrugated cardboard, which is strong and durable whilst also being economical to produce.

Each pack comes with 25 pictogram stickers:

  • 5 x General Waste.
  • 5 x Mixed Recycling.
  • 5 x Plastic Bottles.
  • 5 X Cans.
  • 5 x Paper.

This gives the user full flexibility.

  • Recyclable - The Combin base is cardboard and the lid is polypropylene, both of which are commonly recycled.
  • Made in the UK - The Combin recycle bin is made in the UK for minimal carbon footprint.
  • 60 litre capacity per bin - an ideal size for most office and workplace applications.
  • 'UK Standard' colour-coding & graphics ensuring the colour coding of your recycling scheme is compliant and compatible with everyone elses.
  • Should your site be serviced by Biffa or Sita; both companies general waste and recyclable sacks fit the Combin recycle bin.

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