Floor Cleaners

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Floor Squeegee Plastic 22"


ex VAT £7.26 inc VAT £8.71
Plastic Floor Squeegees


ex VAT £8.11 inc VAT £9.73
Octopus Floor Tool Frame

Ref 103-0060

ex VAT £9.77 inc VAT £11.72
Save £1.08
Squeegee Single Blade 24"

Ref FSP610

Was £17.19 Save £1.08

Now ex VAT £16.11 inc VAT £19.33

Save £10.33
Octopus Edge and Corner Cleaner Starter Kit

Ref CO96

Was £27.71 Save £10.33

Now ex VAT £17.38 inc VAT £20.85

Squeegee Double Blade 24"

Ref FSP601group

Starting at: ex VAT £19.34 inc VAT £23.21

Hi Gold Duster


ex VAT £20.64 inc VAT £24.76

Whether you are looking for floor cleaning tools or are wanting to prep your floors for a makeover, we sell a range of floor products that suit your requirements.

Our extensive range of floor products include floor squeegees, corner cleaners, floor dusters, V sweepers and sanding discs – all of which are available in various sizes and colours to suit numerous needs and budgets.