Cleanfix Scrubby Single Disc Machine - 350 RPM

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 Amazing hand held and battery operated rotary scrubbing brush for awkward areas

Floors, Staircases, Walls, Ceilings, Bathrooms, Toilets or Sauna Spot cleaning in textile carpets, Terrace areas, Boats, Caravans, etc.

The Scrubby Machine cleans effectively. It offers you easy and comfortable cleaning in all kinds of difficult places and narrow areas without the annoying presence of electric cables. Extra precautions for working in damp areas are no longer needed. The machine is extremely lightweight at less then 3 kg including a battery. A 9.6 V rechargeable battery and separate one hour quick-charger makes the Combi Machine the perfect assistant on your cleaning trolley or the ideal combination with bigger floor cleaning machines.

The 18 cm brush and free space around the motor allow the Combi Machine to function in corners, skirting boards, walls, ceilings, etc. Now all hard-to-clean and difficult to reach nooks and crannies can be comfortably cleaned by machine. The functionality of the Scrubby is best shown in areas where conventional cleaning methods are either impractical or laborious.


  • Cleaning Width: 180mm (7').
  • Brush Motor: 350 rpm.
  • Pad Holder: 145mm (6').
  • Battery Charging Time: 60 minutes.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Length (Adjustable): 1100 - 1370mm.
  • Weight: 3kg.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 12 months.