Body Fluid Spill Cleanup Kit

Ref: 70712
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A body fluid spill cleanup kit, plastic box with handle.  2 Appliactions.

Kit Size: 227mm x 165mmx 47mm.

Kit contains:

  • Disinfectant- A broad spectrum viricide, bactericide and fungacide, highly effective against micro-organisms. (Viruses, Canteria and Fungi).
  • Super Absorbent- A fast acting, sugar absorbent powder that rapidly congeals and deodorises fluid spillages.
  • Selected Clothing- Polythene Oversleeves, Aprons, Disposable Gloves, bio-hazard bag, plastic scoop and scrape.

In accordance with the Government Handbook 'Aids and employment', body fluid disposal kits should provide the necessary protective equipment for the safe disposal of body fluid spillages in the work place, therefore minimising infection to other employees.