Blue Jumbo Reserve Toilet Roll Dispenser

Ref: ESP800B
ex VAT £23.67 inc VAT £28.40

This blue transparent reserve toilet roll dispenser is ideal to use in busy washroom areas, and is proven to reduce paper consumption by up to 20%. This is because you never throw half used jumbo toilet rolls away as they can then be placed onto the core of the smaller side of the dispenser and used until the roll is completely finished while a fresh new jumbo toilet roll can be fitted onto the core of the larger side of the dispenser ready to use. A special shield automatically prevents access to the new roll until the original roll is finished on the smaller side of the dispenser which results in the minimal waste of toilet rolls. This dispenser is also lockable which makes the toilet Rolls securely locked inside unit to eliminate pilferage. The blue transparent front makes it easy to see when refilling is required.

Use toilet roll ECON20.