What Is Lurking Under The Covers

The main focus on hospital cleaning is disinfection and stopping the spread of pathogens, using mopping systems and other janitorial items.

On almost every wall in the toilets there are signs saying ‘Wash Hands’ and antibacterial soap dispensers everywhere you look.

But there are other dangers lurking in patients’ rooms.

An infectious disease expert at Queen’s University helped develop a disinfection system that can stop bed bug outbreaks as well as change the way hospital rooms all over the world are cleaned.

The new technology involves pumping a Medizone-specific ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapour gas mixture into a room to completely sterilise everything – including floors, walls, drapes, mattresses, chairs and other surfaces. Scientists believe it is far more effective in killing bacteria than wiping down a room.

Dr. Zoutman worked with Dr. Michael Shannon of Medizone International to create the product, which is also used to kill bed bugs.

A major U.S. hotel chain has already expressed interest in the technology because of its potential to save the company millions of dollars in lost revenue and infected furniture.

Dr. Zoutman said the technique is similar to what Mother Nature uses to kill bacteria in humans.

“It works well for Mother Nature and is working very well for us,” said Dr. Zoutman

Although there are other disinfecting technologies that involve pumping gas into a room, Medizone’s method is the only one that sterilises as well as surgical instrument cleaning.

It leaves a pleasant smell and doesn’t affect any medical equipment in the room. The entire disinfection process takes less than one hour. However it is still essential to use mopping systems and scrubber/dryers.

Dr. Zoutman says the technology is not limited to hospitals and could even be used in food preparation areas and processing plants after outbreaks.

Increasing advancements in technology are continually helping to fight the battle against infectious diseases.