UK Families annoying habits

UK mums tell all about their families’ most annoying hygiene habits.

Putting the toilet paper on the holder wrong or leaving the soap dispenser empty may annoy some, but for UK mums, the most annoying hygiene mistake their family members make is not washing their hands after using the washroom.

According to a national poll, eight out of ten mums named it as their top unhygienic practice.

And despite mums continually trying to instil the need to keep proper hygiene habits, many households across the country suffer from various infections caused by the spread of bacteria and viruses in the household.

Of the 1000 mums polled, more than 25 per cent of them revealed one or more of their children were struck ill by a ‘mysterious’ sickness for at least one day in the past three months.

Mums can further fight infections by filling their household soap dispenser with antibacterial soaps.

Other top annoying tendencies that UK mums despise are not washing hands before eating at 68 per cent, nose picking at 64 per cent, toe nail clippings being left in the lounge, picking feet, kissing pets and bringing laptop computers and books into the toilet.

Although mums tend to focus on toilets as their key room for spreading germs, new research has shown that mobile phones can carry 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle on a male toilet and that computer keyboards can carry more germs than a toilet seat.

And with a fifth of polled mums admitting to never cleaning their family’s laptops and PCs, they could be ignoring the biggest culprit of germs in their household.

With the risk of such high levels of bacteria on PCs, Macs and laptops as well as mobile and smart phones due to poor personal hygiene habits it is really important to clean them with a product that can kill the germs, explained Karen Harrison, Marketing Manager of a multi-media cleaning product manufacturer.

Only specially developed cleaning products used regularly can successfully achieve this. In fact using other products, such as baby wipes and spray polishes, can do more harm than good as they can help to lock down the germs so that they can comfortably breed and the problem is potentially made worse.