Top Tips to Prevent the Flu

As most people know, the very first step to stop you from contracting the flu is to get vaccinated. It will keep you from falling ill with the virus as well as keep you from spreading it to others.

But there are some more helpful tips to ward off influenza from taking hold of you this season.

1) Know the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising!

Cleaning works against germs by physically removing them from surfaces by using soap from a soap dispenser, bar or spray bottle. Disinfecting kills germs on the objects with chemicals while sanitising lowers the number of germs by cleaning and disinfecting.

2) Clean and disinfect heavily used objects

Sanitise frequently used surfaces such as desks, keyboards, door-knobs, counter-tops, phones, tap fixings and toilets.

3) Routinely clean and disinfect

The Flu virus can only survive for two to eight hours on a surface once it has been deposited; therefore cleaning regularly will combat the short-lived and fairly fragile microbe. There’s no need to wipe down walls, ceilings or fumigate since the virus has a short shelf-life.

4) If you are going to disinfect, do it right

Follow the instructions on the labels of your cleaning products. Always clean surfaces with water first to dislodge germs then follow by using a disinfectant on the surface.

5) Stay safe

Check the hazards and procedures on the labels of disinfectants before use. Many chemicals can cause damage to hands and eyes if not used with gloves and protective eyewear.

6) Handle waste properly

Throw objects used to clean and disinfect surfaces away promptly after use. No-touch waste bins help reduce the spread of bacteria. When disposing of rubbish use gloves and wash hands thoroughly once finished, using soap from a soap dispenser.

7) Learn more

The best way to fight the flu is to stay educated. Keep up to date on the new facts and tips to fight influenza.