Support for new cleaning initiatives

With more and more people contracting infections while visiting hospitals, sanitation throughout the NHS has become a prominent issue in politics.

The simple act of touching a soap dispenser or a hand towel dispenser can spread contagious germs.

Hospital cleaning is essential and concerns have been made that it cannot become a casualty of the NHS cuts.

However, recent action has ensured that hospital staff along with healthcare providers in GP surgeries, clinics and care homes across the UK will maintain high levels of cleanliness and sanitation.

The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) introduced the new British Standard for Healthcare Cleaning – known as PAS 5748. It was devised from research conducted in a joint programme by the Department of Health, the BSI and the AHCP. The standard establishes guidelines for developing strategies for cleaning, measuring and improving cleanliness throughout the NHS in England.

PAS 5748 can be used to provide ‘good practice’ evidence to the Quality Care Commission about the standards of sanitation and cleanliness for both staff and patients of the NHS.

Brian Boll, a healthcare cleaning expert, said: “Even though substantial cuts are being made to the NHS, the quality of cleanliness in hospitals is something that cannot be allowed to suffer.  This standard will go a long way to reassuring the public on hospital cleanliness and, importantly, gives hospitals clear guidelines on how to ensure a clean and safe hospital environment. “

“Patient safety needs to be at the heart of hospital care and the standard provides a framework for continuous improvement to cleanliness.”

The introduction of the PAS 5748 may ease patients and staff’s fears of catching infections at their local hospitals.

With the new standard, cleaning technicians will ensure there is no need for people to fear touching the door handle, soap dispenser or toilet roll dispenser ever again!