Should You Bulk Buy Cleaning Supplies?

Should You Bulk Buy Cleaning Supplies?

At Janitorial Direct we offer a bulk buy option on the vast majority of our products. We do this because we know that bulk buying is the ideal option for many of our customers. Saying this, it is not right for everyone; so how do you decide if you should bulk buy your cleaning supplies or not?

Here are some ways of deciding if you should or shouldn’t bulk buy cleaning supplies.

How much storage you have

One major aspect that will impact whether or not you bulk buy your cleaning supplies is if you have enough storage space in which to store your extra cleaning products. If your storage is limited it will be more difficult for you to store a vast amount of supplies when your bulk order is delivered. If, however, you have lots of storage space, bulk buying your cleaning supplies will not be an issue and can easily be kept safe and in good condition until the products are needed.

Your finances

Often opting to bulk buy your cleaning supplies means that you are able to save money through bulk discount offers. The only draw back to this is that you have to be prepared to spend a larger amount of money in the initial purchase than if you were buying just one or two products. For some businesses a larger initial spend is not an issue, but for smaller companies spending a lot of money on a one off purchase of cleaning supplies is not possible. It is for this reason that you need to decide whether or not you have the finances available to purchase a large order at one time or if your financial situation is better suited to buying products as and when you need them.

How often you need to replace products

There are a number of reasons that can determine how quickly you use up your cleaning products. Factors such as how frequently your building needs cleaning and how large the space that needs cleaning is will determine how often your cleaning products get used. The more often you use your cleaning products the quicker they will need to be replace, which will mean that you would be better bulk buying your cleaning supplies rather than purchasing them as and when they are finished.The type of environment you clean

Some cleaning environments, such as hospitals and kitchens, must be kept clean at all times for hygiene reasons. With these types of environments it is not possible to wait a day for a replacement cleaning product if it runs out unexpectedly. Instead it is advisable to have several spares of the same cleaning product so that you know that there is always a stock of your cleaning supplies on hand to ensure your premises remains hygienic and clean at all times. In these circumstances bulk buying your cleaning products will mean that you do not have to fear running out of your cleaning supplies and instead know that there are always spare products available.