Secrets of people who don’t get ill

Some people seem to just attract germs and others seem to avoid the winter cold every single year. Research has revealed that many people who avoided getting colds are likely to stick to a few simple rules to keep germs at bay.

Fresh air is good for you – it may be tempting to stay inside in the warm, thinking this is good for your immune system rather than being in the cold. However being cooped up indoors puts you in contact with other people and their germs. A walk outdoors can actually improve your immunity. Research has shown that people who took brisk walks for around half an hour a day, five days a week, were less likely to get winter illnesses than people who stayed inside.

Relax – The holidays are fast approaching and the busiest time of year for many of us and between Christmas shopping and nativity plays, relaxing is likely to be bottom on the list of things to do. But if relaxing is made a priority, therefore keeping stress levels down, susceptibility to catching colds is reduced.

Clean hands – germs and colds can easily be spread through touch, especially hard surfaces where germs can live for up to eight hours. Washing your hands regularly can stop the spread of germs and the most effective tools are simply soap and water. However germs can live on soap bars so it’s best to use soap dispensers and even better use automatic soap dispensers where possible.