Only in America – National Toilet Paper Day

If you like to find the fun in cleaning, check out what Americans on the other side of the pond celebrated this week…

As National toilet paper Day hit the United States, cleaning industry heavyweights Procter and Gamble managed to break the Guinness World Record for the largest roll of toilet paper.

The day dedicated to the essential tiny tissue was Friday, August 26 and saw a toilet rollĂ‚ measuring 8ft high and 9ft wide break its way into the record books.

The toilet paper was created at the P&G Paper Products Company in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, but was unveiled at the company’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“The roll contains over 1,000,000 square feet of paper and would take approximately 95,000 rolls of Charmin to equal the same amount of paper,” said Darrick Johnson, plant manager at the P&G Paper Products Company. “We were sad to see it go, but excited for its new record-breaking honour.”

After the public get a chance to spot the colossal toilet paper in Ohio, it will be shipped to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the worldwide series of museums dedicated to strange and eccentric artefacts. The exact museum location in the US has yet to be decided.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate National toilet paper Day in such a big way this year,” said Scott Mautz, Marketing Director for the toilet paper brand.

“While National toilet paper Day may not be a widely known holiday, it is one that we hope to continue celebrating with our great consumers for years to come.”

Here are some fun and interesting facts about toilet paper:

*69 per cent of people regard toilet paper as the 20th Century “convenience” most taken for granted.

*49 per cent of people choose toilet paper as their “necessity” if stranded on a deserted island, even beating out food!!

*72 per cent of people hang the toilet paper with the individual sheets going *over* not under.

*Nose wiping is the second most common use for toilet paper.

*In a public restroom, it takes an average of 71 people to use one entire toilet paper.